Beretta Bristol

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Regularly ridiculous, entirely extra, and easily distracted by all things shiny, Beretta was born with one enraptured glance into the sparkly world of burlesque. Locally grown by TUSH! Burlesque, Beretta is a hot mess of comedy and acid ultra glam in the body of a bombshell. Rolling in on the scene on a pimped out Barbie car, she’s danced with Sasquatch, murdered Marie Antoinette, and is nowhere close to slowing down. An unrepentant worshiper of glitter, this is one enticing babe that packs some heat.


 Bettie Beelzebub

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Satan’s Little Sweetheart
An installation and comedic performance artist first and foremost, Bettie Beelzebub first performed burlesque as Lester Crafty The Bearded Lady at George Barker’s graduation show at UCLA entitled “Side Show Freaks” in 2006. With TUSH! Burlesque, and a new name, Bettie continued the work of Lester Crafty in her effort to explore the fine line between funny, beards, sad clowns, and boobies. With self-deprecating, sarcastic, unique humor that is loved by many but understood by few, Bettie pushes her vision of burlesque by literally dancing with the devil, ripping her clothes apart and falling down…a lot.


Princess Lucky Buttons

PLBWEB3Sitting On a Gold Mine!
Princess Lucky Buttons studied and performed ballet and bellydance before discovering the glittering world of burlesque. She graduated from Indigo Blue’s Burlesque 101 class in Olympia in 2009 with a few other budding burlesquers who would go on to join Olympia’s Own TUSH! Burlesque. Ms. Buttons was a Panty Wrangler at the very first TUSH! show, then shortly after was invited to join the troupe. Princess Lucky Buttons loves the freedom, empowerment, and glamour of the burlesque world. She is committed to continually growing and challenging herself in this exciting, sexy art-form.

Sly Violet

Meneldor Photography

The Slinky Minx

A slinky, sinuous mover, Sly Violet has performed in many realities and genres before alighting upon the burlesque stage. She first put her talents on display when she began performing as a fire dancer in 2008, while also co-founding the tribal belly dance troupe Wild Honey, who performed off-center interpretations around the Puget Sound region. Adding icing to the cake of her creative inventions, she became a founding member of the notorious aerial art group, Tallhouse. In this forum, she partnered with other heavy hitters to produce some of the most jaw-dropping and captivating acts that the South Sound has ever seen in the aerial genre. Now, in a move that brings her back to her original and most poignant love and inspiration, vaudeville and cabaret, she has joined the renowned troupe TUSH! Burlesque. She brings something unusual, dark, varied and always brazenly rhythmic to the audiences that delight in her talent.

Valerie Veils

The Heroine of the Hoochie-Coo

 Valerie Veils, known for her strength and grace, is an internationally renowned, award winning burlesque performer who has been dazzling crowds up and down the West Coast since 2008. This tattooed tart brings you the trifecta of tease by combining humor, sensuality, and keen-edged acrobatic skill which has earned her reputation of one of the best powerhouse performers around. On top of performing on the regular, Valerie teaches numerous burlesque classes throughout the Puget Sound area.

“The Heroine of the Hoochi Coo” Valerie has had the privilege of performing at The Burlesque Hall of Fame, The Colorado, New Orleans, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Humboldt, Kansas City, and Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. She was crowned the Queen of Roses at the Oregon Burlesque Festival in 2014, Queen of the Arizona Burlesque Festival in 2016, and most recently was crowned Queen of the Humboldt Burlesque Festival in 2018.